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For starters the show which I have recently finished is season 2 of NARCOS on Netflix

and the word that comes to your mind is sensational.

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The series is beautifully shot with great casting and superb acting.Special attention was diverted to Wagner Moura who is assuming the role of Pablo Escobar. The DEA agents Boyd Holbrook as Steve Murphy and Pedro Pascal as Javier Peña have a certain charm to themself and we see them evolving as the plot thickens.The other person in the series who made a huge impact on me was Maurice Compte as Horacio Carrillo. The character composition of Carrillo is a strong soldier who is ready to sacrifice his life for Colombia, he has such strong sense of patriotism and hatred against Pablo Escobar that he may offer his soul to the Devil if it may result in assisting in the capture or death of Pablo Escobar. This passion is what drives you to love this character even more. Wonderful acting is doneby the other cast as well.

I give NARCOS a 9.2/10 rating based on the plot design, the characters and Pablo Escobar.

I definitely recommend my readers to watch NARCOS on Netflix.

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By Onkar Tanwade

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