A whore or a slut? Or Perhaps both.




“Look there she goes with him. I bet she slept with him too.”
“She’s such a slut.”
“Listen, don’t be friends with that girl ohk? I don’t want such horrible girls being friends with my daughter.”
“Dude, she slept with that guy we just met. What a whore.”
Yes, these are just four out of the million statements made about girls who make choices regarding their sexuality. The girls who pay a blind eye and a deaf ear to society and its never ending customs. The girls who take control of their decisions.
In todays fast paced world, we call such decision making strong feminism but is this accepted in today’s fast paced India?
Apparently not.
People say:
1. A woman’s decision to lose her virginity is a matter of disgrace to our Indian society.
2. They say:  We Indian’s are brought up with values and have traditions. Having sex before marriage is not something a girl from a good household ought to do.
3. Only sluts and whore’s sleep with men before marriage.
4. We are a nation of such great virtues that our girls shouldn’t do such things.
These are the remarks we hear from many. But why does losing ones virginity somehow carry more weight than a woman being raped? Why cant values be considered then?
We belong to a country where rape cases are piling high and yet the lack of values and basic humanity is never considered at length in such cases.

We pride ourselves with our culture and traditions but we should also not forget that we even have among us men who rape and molest. Men who have no knowledge of the word values. Men who are utterly and truly disgraceful than a woman choosing to sleep with a man.
Our country has not just values but also demons, a fact that is lost on many.
If a man can rape by choice then why cant a woman have sex by the power of that same choice?
How can she be a slut for making her own decisions when our government itself has empowered her with freedom of choice?
Giving women the freedom to choose to have sex at her own will does NOT mean that she is being encouraged to cheat on her husband. It does NOT in any way mean that she is being led to do wrongful deeds.
If a woman wants to cheat on her husband, she will do it nonetheless. She will do it even without the approval of society and her family.
Freedom of choice does not give a woman the licence to cheat. It does not promote what is wrong.
Being faithful is not a test in which you can fail by encouraging the freedom to choose.
Being faithful is a deep-rooted choice. A faithful wife would NEVER sleep with another man just because she is free to make her own choices.
What some of our countrymen forget to understand is that, having sex by choice does not make a woman a slut.
It does not mean she is now officially a whore.
It does not mean that she was brought up in a bad household with lose morals.
The only thing it means is this – “Freedom of choice.”
And that is it.
It has got nothing to do with values the same way it has got nothing to do with our country.
It is time now atleast for our generation and the generations to come, to shun this gender inequality.
It is time now to stop looking down on women for having sex when the same treatment is not bestowed on men.
It is time now to say and think that, if men can do it then so can women.
If men can sleep around before marriage and still be virtuous then who are we to judge women who do the same thing.

– Emerging Warriors

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