Navratri- The Festival Of Dance And Music

By Ronak Rayani

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Navratri as the name indicate is a combination of two words nav means nine and ratri means night, it is a festival of 9 days where people play garba and dance on the beats of music forgetting the tensions and problems which they are facing in their life. Navratri is  a tommorowland festival of india.Navratri is starting from 13th of October 2015 and ends on October 2015. Although navratri is celebrated all over India but it is highly celebrated in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Southern parts of Karnataka.During these nine days people worship the nine forms of Goddess Durga.

If you want to see the various traditional ways in which garba is being played then Gujarat is the  best place to visit to watch this traditional dance.Where people come with their family to play garba. Men wear kediyu dhoti and topi or patti which is their traditional dress  and women wear bandhani churidhar and sarees.


The Nine colors for navrati 2015 are

Day 1-   October 13     -Red

Day 2-   October 14     -Royal blue

Day 3-    October 15    -Yellow

Day 4-    October 16    -Green

Day 5-    October 17   -Grey

Day 6-    October 18   -Orange

Day 7-   October 19    -White

Day 8-   October 20    -Green

Day 9-   October 21   -sky blue

The custom of wearing these colours is so popular that people wear dresses of these colours with various designs on it throughout the nine days of  navrati and enjoy the festival forgetting all their work stress and problems in life.

At  the 10th day of the navrati people make the idols of Raavan and burn it as a symbol of overcoming of good thing over bad thing  .The 10th day of navrati is also celebrated as Durga puja in Kolkata. During durga puja women wear red  and white sarees.


Happy  Navrati to all of you and enjoy the festival of dance and music and play graba with your friends and family.

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