Top 5 Facts About Indian Media

 By Hussain Sathe


 Most of the media channels used to sell their news with a catchy subtitle accompanied with a  loud background  music but most of the time attention of the people and the relevant authorities toward real news are lost between this combination of catchy and load music, sometimes some real voice of need, poverty and  hunger  cannot reach to the people who really need media support the most.


 Sometimes it is hard to get some spicy news so some of the Indian media Channels start making their own news with really funny titles and most of the time actors and cricketer are their target.


3- Political Influence   

 Some of the news channels try to make hero to some of  political personality and create confusion in the minds of the people of India just because of this approach voters confused while exercising their respective votes and cannot judge the right person and some politicians take its advantage.   

4-Difference  maker

By playing and posting some  news on news channel and social media   sometimes  they sell aggression which results in increasing difference  between some communities.

5- Try to take control

  It is a very known fact that so many times media try to control over peoples’ mind and try to change their views over some specific persons or problems and they just give their own decision over it.



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  34. クレーター肌に悩まされていませんか?






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