Java Basic Point

Java Basic Point Java is a simple,robust,distributed,platform independent, more powerful, secure, high performance, multithreaded programming language. Here we discuss some points related to Java. javac: javac is the primary Java compiler included in the Java Development Kit (JDK) from Oracle Corporation. The compiler accepts source code conforming to [...]

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Education – The Supreme Basic Need Of Mankind

            By   Ronak Rayani     Earlier the basic needs of human was food, clothing and shelter but nowadays education has proven itself to be the [...]

क्या आपको भी नफरत है हिंदी से ?

 By  Hussain Sathe    दृश्य -१                                                माँ  अपने बेटे [...]

Importance of “Present Time“ in Life.

 By Dharmesh Vinu Patel                                                             Enjoy Every Moment Of Life. [...]

A whore or a slut? Or Perhaps both.

By BD   "Look there she goes with him. I bet she slept with him too." "She's such a slut." "Listen, don't be friends with that girl ohk? I don't want such [...]

Top 10 facts you did not know about Microsoft

  By Quentin Dmello 1. In 1969 Paul Allen and Bill Gates met for the first time. They both loved programming in the emerging industry of computers.In 1975 [...]
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