Difference Between C++ and java

Difference Between C++ and java C++ Java C++ is basically a C with Object Oriented Extension.Java is true Object Oriented language. C++ is platform-dependent.Java is platform-independent. C++ is mainly used for system programming.Java is mainly used for application programming. It is widely used in window, web-based, [...]

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Top 10 facts you did not know about Microsoft

  By Quentin Dmello 1. In 1969 Paul Allen and Bill Gates met for the first time. They both loved programming in the emerging industry of computers.In 1975 [...]

Top 5 Facts About Indian Media

 By Hussain Sathe 1-  NEWS SEALING   Most of the media channels used to sell their news with a catchy subtitle accompanied with a  loud background  music but [...]

Navratri- The Festival Of Dance And Music

By Ronak Rayani Navratri as the name indicate is a combination of two words nav means nine and ratri means night, it is a festival of 9 days where people play garba and [...]

Game Of Mind – An Introduction

By Pranav Chandran   Each person has a unique way to live his life, no matter how old he is. From childhood to the stage you attain your old age, you would like [...]
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