Java Basic Point

Java Basic Point Java is a simple,robust,distributed,platform independent, more powerful, secure, high performance, multithreaded programming language. Here we discuss some points related to Java. javac: javac is the primary Java compiler included in the Java Development Kit (JDK) from Oracle Corporation. The compiler accepts source code conforming to [...]

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Top 5 Facts About Indian Media

 By Hussain Sathe 1-  NEWS SEALING   Most of the media channels used to sell their news with a catchy subtitle accompanied with a  loud background  music but [...]

Navratri- The Festival Of Dance And Music

By Ronak Rayani Navratri as the name indicate is a combination of two words nav means nine and ratri means night, it is a festival of 9 days where people play garba and [...]

Game Of Mind – An Introduction

By Pranav Chandran   Each person has a unique way to live his life, no matter how old he is. From childhood to the stage you attain your old age, you would like [...]
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