Library Management System Project in Java

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Front-End: HTML,CSS,Bootstrap,Javascript,JSP.

Back-End: JDBC,Servlet,Mysql Database.

There are three modules in this project.

1)Librarian Module.
2)Student Module.
3)Admin Module.

okay So let’s start project.

Under Librarian Module:-

1)Librarian has to Sign Up first.
2)Registered Librarian can login directly.
3)Librarian can view his/her profile.
4)Librarian can edit his/her profile.
5)Librarian can Add books.
6)Librarian can View already added books.
7)Librarian can issue books.
8)Librarian can view already issued books.
9)Librarian can return Book.

Under Student Module:-

1)Student has to Sign Up first.
2)Registered Student can login directly.
3)Student can view his/her profile.
4)Student can edit his/her profile.
5)Student can view his/her taken book.
6)Student can view availabe books.
7)Student can give Feedback related to Library.
Now suppose student Vijay want to issue a book
then he will go to the library and ask librarian for

issuing a book.

Now the Consultant Librarian will open his account and
will issue a required book to student vijay.

Now suppose after sometimes/ somedays Student Vijay wants

to rerurn this book.

Then student vijay will go to the library and ask librarian

for returning a book.
Under Admin Module:-

1)Admin can view all Librarians.
2)Admin can view all Books.
3)Admin can view all Issued Books.
4)Admin can view all Feedbacks.
5)Admin can view all Contacts.
6)Admin can Add Librarian.[Same like Librarian Sign Up]
7)Admin can Add Student.[Same like Student Sign Up]
8)Admin can Remove Librarian.
9)Admin can Remove Student.
10)Admin can view all Students.
11)Admin can add Books.[Same like Librarian]
12)Admin can Remove Books.


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